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10 Keys to Selling Your LA Home

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10 Keys to Selling Your LA Home by Whit Prouty

Don’t Sell Your Home for Less than It’s Worth. These 10 Steps Will Maximize Your Selling Price!

Whit Prouty is a seasoned pro who consistently ranks in the top 3% of real estate agents. He works in the Beverly Hills North office of Coldwell Banker, their top office in the world. Whit knows what it takes to get top dollar for homes in the most competitive real estate market in the US. Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • What should you spend money on before you sell?
  • What really matters in curb appeal?
  • Should you stage your home?
  • How do you set the asking price?
  • Does the open house matter?
  • How do you manage the offers?
  • Why you should always use a realtor
  •   How to choose a realtor who will get you top dollar
Whit gives you the inside scoop. Even real estate agents can learn from this book. Many don’t go the extra steps that Whit reveals to get you a maximum sales price. You see, the agent probably only ends up with 2% of the extra $10,000. That $200 doesn’t matter so much to the agent, but $10,000 or more matters a lot to you.
You’ll read about valuable insider secrets gained through years of trial and error. You’ll appreciate Whit’s insightful tips, hints, and ideas on real estate. These “pearls of wisdom” will be invaluable to your home selling efforts.

Published in mid 2017, some of this material is based on new approaches that didn’t even exist a year ago, and are based on the seller’s market. These secrets will help you in any market.
You’ll learn
  • Three marketing mistake most home sellers and their agents make.
  • How to move your home FAST.
  • An Open House idea that turns lookers into buyers.
  • 20 key words that help increase traffic in a competitive market.
  • Three common pricing methods and which one makes the most sense.
  • Why the negotiation isn’t over when the offer is accepted.

Your agent may not be using these home selling strategies. Make sure they are on board with using them for you. They are effective, proven, and simple to implement!

If your home is currently on the market, or if you are thinking about selling your home anytime, you could add $10,000, $20,000 or more to your final payout just be reading this book. The cost is small compared to the potential gain!
Are you ready to Maximize the Selling Price on Your Most Important Investment?


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