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Monday, March 6, 2017

When Is the Best Time to List Your Los Angeles Home for Sale? has just posted new information regarding the best time to sell your home. For warm climates like Los Angeles, the best month is March, followed by April. reports that while the rule used to favor May, tight supplies have pushed the timing earlier in the year.

What is meant by best time to sell? Most homeowners planning to sell their home want to sell quickly and for the most money possible. That is the criteria used by to arrive at March as being the best time to sell a home in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, putting your home on the market before it is “ready for primetime would be a mistake. Having the home prepped and giving your realtor time to plan the launch will make a huge difference in the number of people seeing your home’s listing, coming out for viewings, and making offers. The more traffic, the more likely you are to get a great offer from a seller who has the resources to buy your home.

If you are ready to put your home on the market, Whit Prouty can walk you through the steps of preparation. He’ll provide you with step-by-step advice on staging, decluttering, taking professional photos, and promoting the first open house. Call Whit today to set an appointment. Take advantage of the best time to sell window.  Call Whit's Cell #310-962-6942.

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